Emergency Disaster Services

Salvation Army staff and volunteers work alongside emergency management officials, medical responders, fire fighters and law enforcement to bring water, food, supplies and comfort to workers and victims at the site of fires, natural and manmade disasters and in other times of tragedy and need. The Army also offers follow-up services to victims such as assistance with food, shelter and clothing.

The Salvation Army canteen is an important tool in providing disaster response.  The canteen is a mobile kitchen unit equipped with a microwave, convection oven, stove-top, refrigerator, sink, coffee maker, serving window and more.  The canteen allows The Army to safely and effectively transport food and to do onsite preperation as needed.



 The Salvation Army Canteen canteen


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The Cedar Rapids Salvation Army received a new canteen in May of 2010 thanks in large part to a generous $75,000 gift from a local company, ITC Midwest.  The new canteen replaced a nearly 20-year old unit in service in Cedar Rapids since 1995.

In addition to meeting needs in Linn County, the new canteen could be called to disasters in other parts of Iowa, the Midwest or even to other locations around the country. The Army's old canteen was called to serve down South in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.

In 2008, a fleet of Salvation Army canteens from across the Midwest were deployed here in Cedar Rapids.  They provided hundreds of thousands of meals, snacks and beverage items in response to unprecedented and devastating flooding that consumed neighborhoods, businesses and public facilities along the Cedar River.





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